Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 48- Halo Reach

Cole engrossed in assassinating enemy soldiers and watching firey skulls fall to the ground.

Canon 7D with  70-200mm f/4 L lens. Nikon SB-25 off camera right through a diffuser. Zoom 50, 1/8 power. Triggered with Pocket Wizards.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hard Times

Sign of the times?


Aging With Grace

Two sage elderly gentlemen photographed during their daily routines.


Day 47- Hangin' with The Masters

Buenos dias from the southwest side of Houston, Texas! The 4th largest city in the good ol' US of A. Live from the beautiful Ayva Center, it's the 14th stop of the 2011 Flash Bus Tour, starring David "Strobist" Hobby outta Baltimore, MD and Joe "Numnuts" McNally, outta New Yawk City, NY. I had, by choice, a back row seat for this Fantabulous Flurry of Flash Fanatacism. I was not disappointed.

The Flash Bus

Truth be told, there is no real Flash Bus. It's just a large placard that they place in the parking lot. Betcha didn't know that! Here are the real buses for Mr. Hobby and Mr. McNally respectively. Both were strategically hidden in the corners of the parking lot. Can't fool me!!

Mr. Hobby's Sweet Suite on Wheels

Mr. McNally's Flashy Bus

Houston, We Have Had a Problem
The morning started out with Mssrs. McNally and Hobby scrambling for larger projection screens. With the help of some Houston folks who got the Tweets, problem solved. Gotta love us!!

The Crowd

The was a large diverse crowd in attendance.

We think the guy in the solid blue shorts is wanted for failing his urine test.

The Venue

The beautiful and "always ready for your wedding or party time celebration" Ayva center on Richmond Avenue. Notice the beautiful silks hanging from the ceiling.

Over 80 Nikon flashes at once. We Canon folks got screwed....AGAIN!!

The Playas

Does it really get any better than this for off-camera flash photography? I think not! Each of these playas gentlemen has his own philosophy. Hobby; he's a dedicated manual guy(although he *hints* at trying TTL flash). McNally; Manual be damned(unless he's forced into it by background flashes screwing up the TTL reading with pre-flash). It was fun to watch an compare the differences.

Mr. Hobby checks the wind speed and direction for proper lightstand sandbag placement.

Mr. McNally "assumes the position"

The Seminar Ceremony

There was brief mention in the media frenzy before the tour began that these two fine gentlemen might be getting married. We in Houston were sooooo honored that they chose our fine city for the ceremony.

Joe removes his veil and David warms his palms and drools

Notice the strategically placed "TFB" sticker to help the newlyweds remember what they were doing when the were wed.

Enquiring minds want to know whether their wedding night was one of "full manual" control, "ISO horny," or was it a night of "wide open" (r)aperture.

The Goods

I can tell you first hand that these fine gentlemen put on a show like no other. Much is to be learned, much laughter to be had and I for one am re-inspired to "be one with the flash."

Joe showing off his street creds.

Both men were kind enough to shake my hand(weird infected sores and all(and without even flinching)), and engage me in conversation. You won't meet two better all-around good guys with no pretense. The world needs more like these gents.

The Conclusion

A day chock-full of fun, fantastic speakers, people flashing and a load of freebies and great deals for $99?? Are you kidding me?? Pay your money and just do this!! You'll be glad you did!!

Larry Wyatt  (Twitter- @beauxtx1)

Day 46- Daily Brain Exercise

For lo', these many years, I have done a crossword puzzle at lunch each weekday. The IPAD has made it even cooler.

Country music, crossword and Chinese food. What have I got to complain about?


Day 45- God Bless America

While she may be tattered at times, the United States of America is still the best country on the planet!!

This is an old Winnebago motorhome in the parking lot of the local Walmart. Livin' and sleepin' in style in Houston, Texas!!


Day 44- Dude! Where's my Watch??

Dude realizes, during a cigarette break at Best Buy, that someone has stolen his watch. I wonder if his car is safe.


Day 43- No Parking

Scleroderma is calming down. Back into the swing of things.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Recent Portraits

These are some recent portraits taken while on vacation in Florida. All are taken with off-camera SB 25 flash, balanced with ambient sunset and positioned by my ever-faithful and loving voice-activated light stand, my wife. Flash triggered by Pocket Wizard.

Just for Fun

This Scleroderma s kickin' my arse to the point that handling a camera would be difficult. So, for a few days I'll be posting pics I've taken recently until it improves.

Say hello to Mr. Mule. I named him Francois. Good name, I think.



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just for Fun

Mamaw playing an old Baldwin piano. She can still tickle the ivories.


Day 42- Morning Sun

Mamaw's house is the town gathering place. She literally knows everyone!!


Day 41- On The Farm

An old truck on a farm owned by some friends in Daytown, Florida.

Exposed for the background and on-board flash on the truck, which was under a cover.


Day 40- The River House

Cole and his Mamaw(great grandmother). She is holding an Easter lily that he picked for her.

She's 86 years young, raised 8 children and is an amazing woman! It was an honor to be in her home.

Love you, Mamaw!!!


Day 39- Luke Sunnin'

Luke The Wonder Dog catchin' some Florida sunshine on the porch in a rocker.


Day 38- Country Folk

Welcome to the country and congratulations to the Mortlocks.


Day 37- Daytown, Florida

There is one commercial building in Daytown, Florida and that's the post office. This was our first day visiting Cheryl's family. What a wonderful group of folks!!!


Day 36- No Pets Allowed

The first day of Spring Break and on our way to Florida. This rest stop in Alabama didn't allow pets, bt we thought we'd make a photo of our favorite 'pet,' Cole.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 35- Dizzy

I love the lens flare in this photo. It was intentional, as was the blur on the arms of the ride.  It took three shots to get it correct. It's an amusement park ride.

Canon 7D. Canon 70-200mm f/4 L USM lens. ISO 200, f/32, 1/40th sec.


Day 34- Graphic Abstract

Any idea what this might be?


Day 33- Sunset Over South America

Lit with a ring light, camera left. Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. I like the 3-D textures that the side light creates.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 32- Cowboy

In keeping with the western theme, here's a shot of the young cowboy.

Another photo and lighting info after the jump.

Day 31- At the Rodeo

Took Cole to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo last night and had a blast. He rode the mechanical bull and did a nice job and had fun. See the results of the ride and how the ladies reacted to him after the jump.

Day 30- Poem for My Son

In 2002, I wrote a poem for my then 2-year old son. This is a portrait of him make from the words in that poem. Be sure to click on the photo for the larger version.

This is the entire poem:

My Rainbow

In every life, a miracle arrives
A gift sent from heaven above
Mine is a rainbow, a brand new life
Graced by unconditional love

A million adventures for you await
But none as important as these
Learn how to give and to create
Of comfort, a provider be

I pray the Lord will keep you safe
And ever questioning why
Marveling at the beauty of life
And why stars fill an evening sky

Do not regret your choices, my son
Be they good or bad, you’ll see
Lessons taught are not undone
If we learn, we’ll better be

I wish you peace in every way
That indifference may pass you by
Fear not the future and live for the day
When you are a better man than I
Someday I will leave and forever be gone
To be in heaven with a watchful eye
But never forget that my love lives on
Until we’re together again on high

December 2002