Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 30- Poem for My Son

In 2002, I wrote a poem for my then 2-year old son. This is a portrait of him make from the words in that poem. Be sure to click on the photo for the larger version.

This is the entire poem:

My Rainbow

In every life, a miracle arrives
A gift sent from heaven above
Mine is a rainbow, a brand new life
Graced by unconditional love

A million adventures for you await
But none as important as these
Learn how to give and to create
Of comfort, a provider be

I pray the Lord will keep you safe
And ever questioning why
Marveling at the beauty of life
And why stars fill an evening sky

Do not regret your choices, my son
Be they good or bad, you’ll see
Lessons taught are not undone
If we learn, we’ll better be

I wish you peace in every way
That indifference may pass you by
Fear not the future and live for the day
When you are a better man than I
Someday I will leave and forever be gone
To be in heaven with a watchful eye
But never forget that my love lives on
Until we’re together again on high

December 2002

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