Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 47- Hangin' with The Masters

Buenos dias from the southwest side of Houston, Texas! The 4th largest city in the good ol' US of A. Live from the beautiful Ayva Center, it's the 14th stop of the 2011 Flash Bus Tour, starring David "Strobist" Hobby outta Baltimore, MD and Joe "Numnuts" McNally, outta New Yawk City, NY. I had, by choice, a back row seat for this Fantabulous Flurry of Flash Fanatacism. I was not disappointed.

The Flash Bus

Truth be told, there is no real Flash Bus. It's just a large placard that they place in the parking lot. Betcha didn't know that! Here are the real buses for Mr. Hobby and Mr. McNally respectively. Both were strategically hidden in the corners of the parking lot. Can't fool me!!

Mr. Hobby's Sweet Suite on Wheels

Mr. McNally's Flashy Bus

Houston, We Have Had a Problem
The morning started out with Mssrs. McNally and Hobby scrambling for larger projection screens. With the help of some Houston folks who got the Tweets, problem solved. Gotta love us!!

The Crowd

The was a large diverse crowd in attendance.

We think the guy in the solid blue shorts is wanted for failing his urine test.

The Venue

The beautiful and "always ready for your wedding or party time celebration" Ayva center on Richmond Avenue. Notice the beautiful silks hanging from the ceiling.

Over 80 Nikon flashes at once. We Canon folks got screwed....AGAIN!!

The Playas

Does it really get any better than this for off-camera flash photography? I think not! Each of these playas gentlemen has his own philosophy. Hobby; he's a dedicated manual guy(although he *hints* at trying TTL flash). McNally; Manual be damned(unless he's forced into it by background flashes screwing up the TTL reading with pre-flash). It was fun to watch an compare the differences.

Mr. Hobby checks the wind speed and direction for proper lightstand sandbag placement.

Mr. McNally "assumes the position"

The Seminar Ceremony

There was brief mention in the media frenzy before the tour began that these two fine gentlemen might be getting married. We in Houston were sooooo honored that they chose our fine city for the ceremony.

Joe removes his veil and David warms his palms and drools

Notice the strategically placed "TFB" sticker to help the newlyweds remember what they were doing when the were wed.

Enquiring minds want to know whether their wedding night was one of "full manual" control, "ISO horny," or was it a night of "wide open" (r)aperture.

The Goods

I can tell you first hand that these fine gentlemen put on a show like no other. Much is to be learned, much laughter to be had and I for one am re-inspired to "be one with the flash."

Joe showing off his street creds.

Both men were kind enough to shake my hand(weird infected sores and all(and without even flinching)), and engage me in conversation. You won't meet two better all-around good guys with no pretense. The world needs more like these gents.

The Conclusion

A day chock-full of fun, fantastic speakers, people flashing and a load of freebies and great deals for $99?? Are you kidding me?? Pay your money and just do this!! You'll be glad you did!!

Larry Wyatt  (Twitter- @beauxtx1)

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