Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 22- Negativity

I had an idea about negativity. Something about which I am very negative. This is the end result.

Photo and lighting info after the jump.

 This is the setup shot.

ISO 800(I wanted graininess...but didn't get much), f/4 at 1/4 second for the original photo of the word 'Negative' through the back door. This turned the background completely white.

Then into Photoshop for LOTS of post.


*messed with levels and curves and the paint bucket tool
*used the liquify tool on the letters....A LOT
*added some background abstract photos with the "place" command, rotated them, and then lowered their opacity so that they were just visible as background 'noise,' if you will.

Experiment and see what you can do.  Ciao!!

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