Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 9- Beautiful Flowers

Cole gave these flowers to his mom today as an early Valentine's gift. He's such a playa!!

Set-up information and picture after the jump.

Canon 7D with 18-135mm. 200 ISO, f/8, 1/160. Nikon SB24 in umbrella at 1/4 triggered with Pocket Wizards. One small flash optical slave inside each folded piece of copy paper aimed at white reflector. The one on the left didn't fire for this set-up shot but did for the actual photo.

We have something really fun planned for tomorrow's shoot in honor of Valentine's Day. I had the idea and Cheryl has executed it beautifully. We'll set up lights and photograph it tomorrow.

Ciao!!(How very artistic of me, huh?  LOL)

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